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You can spend time and budget to buy and set up a ready-made solution. Or you can contact us
- and we'll choose and deploy a solution that'll address exactly your needs, giving you an edge over your competitors.
Why Choose Us
You can move past the days when you had to keep a wealth of information in your head. We'll help establish an automated process so that you save your time and money.
What Will Change
We'll implement the solution that'll be both effective and easy to use. Once your solution is
implemented, we'll keep on servicing it - in case further improvements or refinements might be needed.
You'll get a tailor-made system whitch utilizes an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, without overpayment you'd make with ready-made solutions, and without having to adapt to standard software and processes. Your system will be rolled out in phases, allowing you to see how they all fit together with your business and with each other
The Result
Get a personal offer to improve business processes in your company within 24 hours
Get a personal offer within 24 hours
You will receive a personal offer to improve your company's
business workflow within 24 hours
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Our Solutions Can Help You
Automate the recording
of input requests
Automate the workflow with existing customers and service appointments schedule
Streamline warehouse operations based on sales forecasts and scheduled service maintenance
Optimize your agents'
Streamline the organization of work your agents do onsite, minimizing the likelihood of errors and promoting efficiency
Set up sales workflow
Provide support for your customer service call center
Improve customer service by standardizing the communication with users and letting the system keep track of details
About Us
We have been creating software products and developing business solutions for start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and corporate clients since 2006. We «plug into» any life-cycle phase of your system, design and build a custom software solution. We integrate and configure off-the-shelf components from third- party vendors. We port data and legacy software to the cloud. We fine-tune compatibility with cloud servers and create web and mobile interfaces for software products.

Our focus is on business analysis and we have an established record in solutions implementation for contemporary business environment. We stay current in the latest technologies, and use them with particular attention to safety and reliability. We know how to translate this expertise into a competitive advantage for our customers, who get a scalable and reliable result, quickly and within their budget.
Since in Ukraine 2006. We have been operating on the market for 14 years
We have clients from the US, UK, EU, and the Middle East who use our services
We are the creators of the world-famous Salesforce development environment The Welkin Suite
We have 250+ programmers, analysts and consultants in our team
Our advantages
* During the intro sessions we help identify exactly what features are best suited for the business needs of the client.

Our contacts

Polytech Software
Phone: +1 202 697 9411 | +44 20 3290 5580
E-mail: [email protected]

USA, 160 Greentree Drive, Suite 101 Dover, DE 19904
Ukraine, 03150, Kyiv, 5a Dilova str., building 10

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Or just call us: +1 202 697 9411
Fill out the form below
During the intro sessions we help identify exactly what features are best suited for the business needs of the client
Or just call us: +1 202 697 9411
Who Our Customers Are
Our services are geared toward those who run water treatment businesses. If you're having trouble keeping up with the volume of customer requests, optimization of service agents' workload, efficient
work of your warehouse - our offer is just for you
Filters and purification equipment distribution
Sell easier and faster, optimize your logistics and inventory, provide support when needed
Keep track of all installed equipment and it's planned maintenance in one place
Maintenance of filters and purification equipment
Distribution and delivery of water
Keep track of all your customers. Predict their needs and schedule deliveries ahead of time
Maintenance of office systems
Support your commercial clients, optimize maintenance schedule, and make your customers happy
Our Approach

Rustam Nurgudin
Technology Executive at Polytech Software
Being highly experienced in developing automated water treatment and purification solutions, we offer our customers to build custom software with no extra costs and generalities. We analyze your needs, identify what has to be done to eliminate the bottlenecks and scale up your processes. After that, we develop a solution and implement it without disrupting your continuous workflow.

Our company offers business automation for water treatment enterprises. We solve process problems by finding the fastest route for the service agents, simplifying the processes customers use to place orders, helping to stay on top of items supply in the warehouse, and streamlining warehouse performance based on sales forecasts and scheduled maintenance.

The custom software solutions we build easily integrate into an existing system and do not conflict with ongoing processes; the customer's data is stored in the cloud, and all the functionality is available via web and mobile interfaces.

Together we will choose the best implementation approaches, involve certified developers, and apply best practices to DELIVER the best experience to you
50% Implementation
We will analyze your business, listen to you, and provide SOLUTIONS to achieve your goals, not just "another CRM" or "software"
50% Consulting